Friday, December 19, 2008

For You Aunt Tav:

Hayden modeling her new earrings

Mason: telling us not to tell Hayden that she is drinking her juice

Kennedy modeling her new do.

Mason modeling her favorite thing in the world: her blanket. ( thanks for making it Tavia and thank you Lora for mailing it to us)

Friday, December 5, 2008

One thing you should never ask a girl

"Sooo, when are you do?" I say, unless you see a limb hanging out of her vagina, NEVER ASK THIS QUESTION!!! I have always had a little buddah belly.( we will call it that because it sounds cuter than big fat gut). I remember when I was 17 a homeless man in Baltimore asked me when my baby was due. Fine, whatever. It doesn't usually bother me. Well, in a week two different woman have asked me the same thing. Here is the convos:

1st time:

Stupid Biotch One: When is your baby due?
Me: Oh, I'm not pregnant.
SBO: Oh, I'm sorry, you just really look like it.
Me: Well, I guess I can't use the excuse that I just had a baby because she just turned one.
SBO: Oh, So you just haven't lost all the baby weight yet?

Are you friggin kidding me? Wouldn't you have just shut your big dumb mouth after I told you I wasn't pregnant.

2nd time:

I was working ( i work at a kids clothing store once a week) and this little old lady came up to me and was frantic because she didn't know what to buy her granddaughter. I helped her pick stuff out and then when I was ringing her up I gave her a big discount. Needless to say she was thrilled and told me I was so helpful and she appreciated it sooo much. THEN she reached ACROSS the counter, rubbed my belly and said"good luck to you and your little one"!!!!

She is lucky that counter was there or she would have gotten a swift kick to the throat. Who does that?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

You know what's fun?

Making an amazon wish list of stuff you REALLY want but can't afford. I added a little widget of mine for any of you rich people who need something to do with your money!

Bad Blogger

It has almost been a month since I have posted. I might have a case of the winter blues. I HATE the cold. We have been stuck in the house for weeks and we are all starting to get cabin fever. It sucks. We got outside yesterday for a bit and took a walk to town to pick out our christmas tree. They deliver them for free to your house, another reason why I friggin LOVE this little town.

I am taking Hayden and Mason to get their ears pierced today. I might have to walk away and make my mom do it. I took my friends little girl to get hers done and almost cried. I will post some pics later.

A couple pics of my little ham & cheese: