Monday, June 30, 2008


SWEET!!!!!!!! I'M IN!


she was mesmerized by the vibrating chair.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The One legged man lives! I saw him this evening as I pulled into my driveway, looking as mean as ever!!!!!


I haven't seen my neighbor in at least week. He is about 91 years old and only has one leg. His car hasn't moved and his grass hasn't been cut ( he has a riding mower in case you were wondering how he cuts the grass with one leg). He lives alone. The only light I have seen on in the house in the one in his sun room. But it has stayed on for at least a week. Here's the thing. He is horribly mean. I want to go check on him but I am scared he will yell at me if he is alive! What do I do? Do i ring his door bell anyway and hope like hell he doesn't chase me off his stoop while swinging his prosthetic leg at me or do I call the police and let them deal with it?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Kennedy: "mommy, you know what's gross?"

Me: "what's that?"

Kennedy:"when you grow black hair in spots"

WHAT? Apparently she saw someone with a crew cut who had black spots dyed on his head. Totally, not what I thought she was talking about!


Let me just start this off by saying how much I adore my children. I love them more than anything and feel so lucky to have them. Most of the people who read this blog are mothers and will understand and not judge what I am about to write. Let’s face it, if I really cared that much about being judged I wouldn’t have a blog posted on the internet for anyone to read.

Today, I feel like my head is going to explode if I hear “mommy” one more time. “mommy I cant find my shoe”, “mommy I want some popcorn”, “mommy Hayden isn’t sharing”, “mommy can I watch cartoons”, “mommy can you blow up my pool”, “mommy I want a drink” “mommy jkdhfuihkjbf”( that is Hayden when she talks really fast and I cant understand her). All of this within the first 15 minutes they were awake. I mean, give me a friggin break! It is taking all my strength to pour a cup of coffee instead of a shot of tequila, or 5. They have a huge playroom filled with a ton of toys and a TV. They have a 2 acre yard that they are free to run around in, they have a bedroom with super cool bunk beds and a radio, why do they insist on being shoved up my butt all day? Some days I am convinced they are trying to send me to the nut house! I need some grown up interaction, immediately!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


When babies raise their short little arms over their big ol' heads!
When she falls asleep in your lap (even though you are about to piss in your pants, but she never does this so you can't bear to move her!)

Your daughter shopping for multi-cultural babies ( just like Angelina!)

Little tiny girl toes!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


i love my husband because...he understands my need for quiet time (right now I am sitting in my comfy, quiet bedroom and he is down stairs dealing with 3 whining girls, bless him)

i love my husband because...he's not afraid to be silly

i love my husband because...he cleans the ENTIRE house (laundry and grass included) every saturday.

i love my husband because...he gives me endless amounts of back rubs, foot rubs and head rubs.

i love my husband because...when i throw on a cotton dress, flip flops and my hair is a mess he sends me emails like this: you look amazing today baby. i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love my husband because...he gave me this:

and this:

and this!

i love my husband because...he has beautiful hands.

i love my husband because...he reminds me how important it is not to get stressed out about the things I can't change.

i love my husband because...understands that there are just some days when I need to go out with my girls and drink...ALOT!

i love my husband because...he loves me!

Oh, and he's great in bed!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i wish...

i wish...the DHL lady would get here with my new camera so I could stop looking out the window every 5 minutes.

i wish... i had more patience.

i wish...the real estate market wasn't so crappy so i wasn't so broke.

i wish...i had the ability to turn off my hearing.

i kids whined less often.

i wish...the girl who cuts my hair didn't move to a fancy new salon and double her prices, I can't afford her anymore. ( even though I can't afford her doesn't mean I won't go there anyway!)

i wish...all our friends would move to Centreville, it's a fantastic place to live!

i were January and I was sitting on a beach in Key West with some type of alcoholic beverage in my hand.

i wish...for my kids to always have a happy life and to look back when they are grown ups and be thankful for having such awesome parents.

i kids and husband knew how crazy I am about them.

i best friend would hurry up and have her baby, i need to do a little partying and it just isn't the same without her.

i wish...the weather was like this everyday.

i husband and I could take a looong vacation by ourselves.

Oh, and I wish for world peace!


We Shall See How This Goes...

I have been ready other peoples blogs for a few years now and decided to start one of my own. Unfortunately, I am not very good on keeping up with stuff like this so I am not sure how long it will last...