Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Feel Like I Am In The Twilight Zone

For those of you that don't know Kennedy, I will just say she is a little needy. I am pretty sure someone snatched her in the middle of the night and replaced her with a look-a-like. It is 1:00 and so far, no tantrums. A little while ago she told me she was going to play in her room. She called me up 20 min later and her entire room was SPOTLESS! I mean, she organized, hung up her clothes and made her bed. Usually when she cleans her room everything just gets shoved in the corner. Then, she made her own lunch, gave herself a bath and helped put the dishes away. Every time I bring up a finished basket of laundry, she gets all her clothes out and puts them away. Now, she is sitting here with me eating spicy pretzels and drinking ice tea(which she poured herself). This is weird, but I like it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remember Them...

There is a man who lives in Chestertown that puts a little white flag in his yard everytime a soldier dies in the war. It is pretty incredible. Today, I was able to stop and take pictures and I thought I would share them with you.

I can't help but wonder: how does he cut his grass?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not What I Expected to Hear

Last week I went to my dermatologist to have some moles removed and biopsied. No big deal, I have had it done before. My doctor called me yesterday to tell me the results: Melanoma. What? I have skin cancer? I can't believe it. I doesn't even sound real when I say it. When I hear the word cancer I think of old people and smokers. Not only do I have skin cancer, I have the most serious kind of skin cancer. If it progresses it will have to be treated with chemo and radiation. My doctor says I am lucky because we caught it very early, it is very small. I have to go back in Wednesday to have some more removed. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't find anymore.

Did I tell you I broke my tailbone on New Years Eve? I did. So far, 2009 gets a big, fat thumbs down!

(it isn't all bad. I got accepted to be a photographer for Operation: Love ReUnited. I am super excited about that!)